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Vital Services
Basic Search Engine Submission (one time) $14.95
Basic Search Engine Submission + 3000 Guaranteed Traffic Jam Visitors. $19.95 Per Month
Deluxe Search Engine Submission (includes Monthly hand submission to Yahoo/Google, Alta Vista, MSN and other major engines for 1 year. $79.95
Rapid Inclusion Search Engine Submission and Site Tuneup - 48 Hour Guaranteed Inclusion with 48 hour re-indexing for 1 full year to MSN,, Terra, Hot Bot, Overture, Goo, and other major engines + monthly submission to Google, Altavista and 1000 other engines directories and listings + Search Engine Tune-Up which includes keyword research. $199.95

Traffic Jam Services
Traffic Jam 10,000 Visitors Per Month $49.95
Traffic Jam 25,000 Visitors Per Month $119.95
Traffic Jam 50,000 Visitors Per Month $225.95
Traffic Jam 75,000 Visitors Per Month $319.95
Traffic Jam 100,000 Visitors Per Month $399.95

Traffic Boosters
Search Engine Tune-Up
Have your site professionally optimized for the highest search engine positions.


Traffic Jump Start 20,000 Banner Ads to promote your web site. The Best deal on the net!

All Inclusive Packages (Saves you $)

Basic Promotion Package (Includes Deluxe Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Tune-Up, and 5,000 banner ads)

Deluxe Promotion Package (Includes Search Engine Tune-Up, Deluxe Hand Submission, One year of site monitoring, 100,000 banner ads, Guaranteed Traffic Package 1 Month. $399.95

Special Services
Guaranteed Traffic Package (We can now GUARANTEE top 10 listings in Dogpile, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, Alta Vista, Netscape and Infospace in 72 Hours. We provide extensive keyword research which will help you make an educated decision on what keywords to target) $149.95 Per Month
Spam Guard (Sending requests for addition to several hundred search engines, directories, link listings etc will often produce several confirmation e-mails and some unrequested e-mail. We offer a Spam Guard by not releasing your e-mail address when submitting. If you don't want any e-mail confirmations leave this checked.) Free
Google Optimization Service - Includes optimization of your web site and/or creation of doorway pages to increase your exposure on Google and other major search engines $500.00 Setup + $99.00 per month
E-Mail Campaign (Send an opt in e-mail to over 550,000 webmaster and consumers) $750.00

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Questions? Email us at or call 801-362-1899